Choose Wisely, Save Money When Moving Out of Rental Property in Perth

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In Perth, Western Australia, real estate agencies are busy dealing with unsatisfactory property condition after tenants move out. Many of the tenants choose cleaners or DIY cleaning without knowing their cleaning obligation according to their lease. These resulted in an unnecessary extra cost to the tenants when real estate managers hire professional Perth End-of-Lease Cleaning Company to re-do their cleaning work. Accordingly, tenants often do not receive their full bond deposit or even need to pay extra cleaning fee after bond deduction, if the property is in need of extensive cleaning effort. The extra time, effort, and money could be saved should the tenant hire Perth Vacate Cleaners up front because high high-quality cleaners work day to day to meet cleaning requirements that are commonly stated on each lease. Therefore, always choose wisely to take the burden off and save money during the stressful moving time. Here are a few useful hints to help choosing the right move out cleaner.

Bond Back Guarantee:

Always look for Perth Bond Cleaners that offer the money back guarantee. Although cleaning obligations are stated on property lease, at the end the property condition is subject to property manager’s judgment. That means there is always a chance something doesn’t meet the cleaning requirements. By hiring a professional cleaner that offer a money back guarantee, tenants could be assured the cleaners will always go back to revisit any concern raised after initial clean, or they will receive rebate if the bond deposit is deducted due to the issue. It simply provides a peace of mind experience.

Ask for referral or look for highly rated cleaner online:

The quality of services is very varied within the cleaning industry because of the low entrance requirements for one to get into the business. There is always a risk of hiring a low service level cleaner to do the job. Therefore, always ask for a referral from a friend, neighbor or property manager. If knowing no one for referral, another option is to look for highly rated cleaner online. Not every highly quality cleaner has an online presence, but the one standout online usually is in the business for long and also understand the importance of customer feedback. So they take every job more seriously.

Request documentations before the job:

Always be cautious of cleaner who offer lower “cash job rate”. A work order without tax receipt simply gives no proof of a job being performed and hence no quality shall be expected. A professional cleaner should always tax receipt, public liability insurance and police clearance upon requested. Moreover, a full property report before and after the cleaning effort should be provided. Make sure all of these requirements are agreed with the cleaning company before handing over access of the property. This peace-of-mind service ensures the customer can focus on setting up their new home without a battle about end-of-lease cleaning work.

Moving home is always stressful, make the wise choice and save time and money for the better life to come.

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