CKF Cleaning Service Perth Starts Offering Solar Panel Special This Month

As winter is going away and sunlight is getting longer again, homeowners in Perth should consider a thorough clean of the solar panels on the rooftop in order to save money for the year. Any buildup of dirt only decreases the efficiency and power output which stops the panel from performing its best and delivering the most savings to the household. However, should a homeowner hire a solar panel cleaner? Does it cost too much? CKF Cleaning Service is offering a special rate of a 10 percent discount and free on-site consultation now.

How Solar Panels Get Dirty

As the panels sit on the rooftop and are exposed to the sunlight, they are also exposed to all the dust and dirt up in the air. Also, water may pool and finally evaporate leaving grime remaining on the panels. Many rental properties don’t even have solar panels cleaned as part of the Vacate Clean process. The extra layer of dirt will eventually get thick enough to keep some light from getting to the panels. A recent study has found that a regularly cleaned panel could generate up to 100 percent more energy than a panel that is not cleaned.

Safety First

Many people think cleaning up a flat solar panel is as easy as cleaning a window. In fact, DIY is never a good option as the cleaning always involves the risk of falling. Professional Perth solar panel cleaners should be hired as they have all the right equipment to prevent safety hazards from happening. Meanwhile, professional cleaners are always insured with public liability insurance to make it worry-free of potential damage to the panels or property.

Cost Efficient

The general public’s impression is that solar panel cleaning costs so much because of the hard work involved. However, it is usually not as much as one would think because a cleaner specialized in solar panel cleaning is well-equipped to do the job. Also, as the solar panel installation wave took off in Australia, the industry got very competitive. Customers are encouraged to get a free consultation and quotation from different companies like CKF Perth End-of-Lease Cleaners. Eventually, the cost of cleaning is justified by the potential energy savings. Usually, regular cleaning of once or twice a year is sufficient to keep the panels performing at their best.

Bundle Cleaning Service

CKF Cleaning Service Perth provides a variety of cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, tile cleaning and regular house cleaning. By specifying all services required early, the customer can usually bundle the services together along with solar panel cleaning for extra cost savings.

Source: CKF Cleaning Services Perth