Golden Rules to Choose Vacate Cleaner in Perth

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When moving out in Perth, Western Australia, many tenants choose to go for professional cleaners but only find the service level is really different among them. While the high-quality professional cleans the properties thoughtfully and brings the bond deposit back to the tenant, some cleaners are just not fulfilling the cleaning obligation. Some tenants who hire these unqualified cleaners end up with a property to clean by themselves and even a larger bill to pay for additional cleaning. The extra time, effort and money could be saved should the tenant hire a good Perth Vacate Cleaners up front because high-quality cleaners work day to day to meet cleaning requirements that are commonly stated on each lease. Here are some golden rules to choose the right cleaner.

Rule #1: Ask for Documentations

Always ask for proper documentation from a cleaner before confirming a work order. For example, quotation, invoice, public liability insurance, and police clearance are a few paper works that a real professional cleaner can provide. This documentation can be the proofs to property manager should there be any issue after the clean. Try to stay away from the cleaner who offer lower "cash job rate" without any paperwork. Usually, these cleaners are not in the business for long-term, and therefore, do not complete a job properly. A professional cleaner is usually more than willing to invest in equipment and business system that help service the customer.

Rule #2: Ask for Bond Back Guarantee:

One of the very first things to ask when looking for Perth Bond Back Cleaners is whether they offer bond back guarantee. Over the years, it has become a standard offer among popular vacate cleaners in Perth. This offer simply means that the cleaners will always return to the property and rectify any issue found by the property manager after the initial clean. The tenant will receive a rebate if the bond deposit is deducted due to the issue. So why not purchase something with money back insurance?

Rule #3: Ask for a Referral

In the world of online review and comments, still, there is nothing beat referral. Always ask the property manager if there is any preferred cleaner for vacating clean. Alternatively, ask anyone like a neighbor or friend who used a professional cleaner before. It is just human nature to refer something nice to others, and all it takes is for someone to ask.

Rule #4: Ask for Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Be aware that some of the end of lease clean package on the market does not include carpet or flooring cleaning because it requires special equipment that not every vacate cleaning company has. Therefore, always ask for it to be detailed into the quote before you agree upon a price. A professional cleaner should be able to advise what equipment will be used. For example, a truck mount carpet cleaning machine or concrete floor polisher.

Rule #5: Ask for Multiple Quotations

Just like every service seeking, it is important to be able to compare a service provider to the market average. By contacting at least three cleaning companies, the customer can get a feel of how they work and compare them to each other. For example, a company that provides a more detailed quotation is usually more reliable than the one submitting a draft quotation.

Moving out can be simple, all it takes is picking the right people to work with.

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