Perth End-of-Lease Cleaning Service Offers Bond Back Guarantee

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​During this winter, many properties in Perth have been vacated due to the decline of fly-in fly-out workers and international students heading back to their home country. This not only keeps rental property managers busy but also cleaning companies like CKF Perth End-of-Lease Cleaning Services because most tenants do not leave the property in a satisfactory condition according to the lease. By simply hiring a professional cleaner who knows the usual end-of-lease cleaning requirement, tenants could have saved any penalty and even the entire bond deposits.

Tenants hiring low-cost cleaners or going for DIY cleaning end up with much more charges than real estate agencies that hire professional Perth Vacate Cleaners. However, many of those do not realize that all the hard work and charges are totally avoidable. All that needs to be done is to hire the right cleaner.

Bond Back Guarantee:

Many Perth Bond Cleaners offer full bond back guarantees to assure cleaners will always go back and fix any concern after the first clean. Tenants should note that the property condition is subject to the real estate manager’s judgment instead of a simple black-and-white statement that says it is always possible that certain conditions don’t meet the manager’s expectations, which either requires re-clean or deduction from the initial bond deposit.

Specialized Cleaning Requirements:

Specialized tasks such as carpet cleaning are not suitable for DIY because very often, retail cleaning products cannot deliver a result as satisfactory as commercial products such as a truck-mount carpet-cleaning machine. Professional cleaners use the latest carpet-cleaning technology to clean, deodorize, dry and protect carpets in a single process. It restores the carpet to like-new condition before the new tenants move in. Besides, property managers often request a tax receipt to prove that the carpet is professionally cleaned.

Documentation Requirements:

A proper cleaning work order with a tax receipt is good proof to a real estate manager that a professional cleaning was done to the property. In the meantime, always look for a professional cleaner that is insured with public liability insurance as a guarantee, should ant damage to the property occur. Moreover, a full property report before and after the cleaning effort should be provided. Cleaning companies who offer all the necessary documentation are usually in the business for the long term and, hence, provide better value to customers.

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